Listen to Thom Yorke’s ‘Bedtime Mix’

When counting sheep doesn't do the trick.

By Hayden Wright

That no man’s land between consciousness and unconsciousness can be tricky to navigate when your head hits the pillow but your mind can’t stop racing. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has curated a playlist exactly for those moments—songs he says help him fall asleep.

The list was published by BBC Radio 1 and broadcast to insomniacs around the world, a “Bedtime Mix” designed to turn restless tossers and turners into dreamers.

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Yorke was sure to plug his own material with a solo version of Radiohead’s “Bloom” and the band’s “Melatonin,” named for the supplement that helps users fall asleep. All in all, Yorke’s suggestions make a groovy alternative to counting sheep. An animatronic voice begins with mix by saying, “If you’re awake by the end of it, I have done something wrong.”

Check out the full track list and listen to the 30 minute mix here.

Charlemagne Palestine & Robert Fledman – “Electronic and Flute”
Luke Abbott – “Dumb”
Radiohead – “Melatonin”
Thom Yorke – “Bloom” (live)
William Winant – “Trackings 1”
James Holden – “Triangle Folds Inside Out”
Laurie Spiegel – “The Unquestioned Answer”


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