Why Do Seattle Drivers Suck So Much?

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(Photo by Charles Black/BIPs/Getty Images)

(Photo by Charles Black/BIPs/Getty Images)

Allstate ranked the drivers of the 200 largest U.S. cities and man, do we SUCK! We came in 173rd – like, on the bottom, like we ARE NOT good drivers! The Allstate report was released yesterday.

The best drivers are in Fort Collins, Colorado (probably because they can drive in the snow) and the very worst are in Washington, DC, and in Boston and Worcester, Mass. (Wicked Bad Drivers!)

So, when you’re # 173 among good drivers, that means Seattle ranks in the top third of the most dangerous cities for driving in America. Sounds worse now, huh?

Allstate found out even more about Seattle drivers: Since we wreck or crash our cars every 7.4 years, that made Seattle the 28th most-unsafe city. (Seattle’s crash rate is 36 percent higher than the national average.) Are we texting too much? Too many of us on the roads? Not enough public transportation? Slick roads when it’s raining? Freak snow-storms? I need an excuse! C’mon Allstate, lighten up! We have it rough here!

-Lee Callahan, Jack Seattle

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