Seattle Brew Wins: Safeco Field Has ‘Best Beer In Baseball’

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(Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

(Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

Have you ever gotten to your seat at a Mariners game and wondered why you just spent $30 on two beers? Here’s the good news: that beer you just purchased is the best stadium brew in the U.S. (The bad news? You probably still overpaid. Good on you for keeping the struggling professional baseball industry alive, though.)

A recent Washington Post report ranked the beer selection at the country’s major league baseball stadiums, and found that Safeco Field — home of the Seattle Mariners — tops the list.

Safeco was ranked 1st overall, and was also ranked 1st in locality, 1st in uniqueness and 4th in quality. Safeco also had the highest number of in-state offerings.

What’s on tap? The report suggests these top-rated selections:

1. Workhorse IPA (Laurelwood Public House & Brewery)

2. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

3. Summer Ale (Fremont Brewing Company)

4. Field 41 (Bale Breaker Brewing Company)

5. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

The title of “Worst Beer In Baseball” goes to Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees, which ranked last in almost every category.

Don’t worry, New York. It’s only a matter of time before you take our beers.

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