Thom Gimbel: From Aerosmith To Foreigner With Very Little Drama [Audio Interview]

Foreigner and Styx play together on Friday night, August 1st at Marymoor Park. Foreigner bandmember, guitarist, saxophonist, keyboardist (the list of instruments goes on and on) – Thom Gimbel – joined me on the phone from the road.

Of course, we talked about being in a world famous rock and roll band… and about playing with the amazing Mick Jones… on whatever happened to Lou Graham… how they found the crazy talented lead singer Kelly Hanson… how Thom hooked up with Aerosmith for 6 years and why he left for Foreigner… and the most scandalous thing he ever did as a rock star.

The our Facebook friends chimed in with their questions and PUNS:

Feliks Banel: Does Thom drive a Toyota Forerunner? (so painful)

Julie O: How does FOREIGNER feel about these immigration laws?(ouch)

Then an angry fan named Tami B. had a major complaint — WHY on Earth did they sell “Hot Blooded” to Hot Pockets so they could ruin it in their stupid TV commercial. THAT’s what I want to know…

Hear all of that and so many great rock ‘n’ roll stories from Thom here:

Audio: Callahan Interviews Thom Gimbel of Foreigner

foreigner at key arena 09 Thom Gimbel: From Aerosmith To Foreigner With Very Little Drama [Audio Interview]
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-Lee Callahan, Jack Seattle


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