Callahan’s Upcoming Rock Interviews… What Do You Want To Know About…?

Whenever I line up an interview with any celebrity, I get on Facebook and ask Jack fans to chime in. And, I get some really great questions – stuff I never knew about – basically because I’m a lazy reporter and didn’t really prep that much. So everything’s a surprise!

For instance, when I put out the call that I was talking to Jerry Casale of Devo, a listener told me to ask him about being at the Kent State shootings. Turns out he was, and that question shaped our whole and very intense talk.  Listen to that here.

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray is coming to Jackstock on August 15th, so I’m talking to him on Monday, July 28th. I’ll ask him about Rock ‘N’ Roll Jeopardy, the band, etc. But is there something YOU want him to talk about? Some unknown bit of personal or professional trivia that he can expound on?

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But before that, tomorrow, I hop on the phone with Thom Gimbel of Foreigner! I’m psyched! They have a ton of hits and they keep on touring to massive audiences. Give me some Foreigner gossip! Please!

Dave Coulier loved your questions, too: Dave Coulier: From Dubbing Richard Pryor’s Dirty Lines To Alanis Morrisette (Audio Interview)

Email me here, or go to our Facebook page or add your question to our comments section. Please and Thank You.

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