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Epic Firework Fails Of All Time (Educational Video)

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(Photo by Ed Jones /AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ed Jones /AFP/Getty Images)

We’ve all got a story about a guy we knew who blew three fingers off his hand with a Roman Candle or the girl who caught her hair on fire with some firecrackers (my sister).

At Jack, we love our listeners, and we want you to NOT be that guy or gal who blows it, literally, on the 4th of July. Be careful with your explosives. Read the package directions carefully, wear safety glasses, and run like hell after you light your fireworks.

Better yet, just go watch the professionals do it.  And now, a video that shows you how not to have a happy fireworks spectacular. Watch it in HD by going to Settings. Try not to laugh.

Lee Callahan, Jack Seattle

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