Richard Sherman And Russell Wilson Cook With The First Lady (Hilarious Rant Included)

Not bad for a bunch of non-actors! On the same day the Seattle Seahawks visited the White House to be honored for their Super Bowl win by the president, Michelle Obama nabbed a few players to make a little video. She’s a big proponent of healthy eating to conquer childhood obesity.

Still wearing their very nice suits after meeting Mr. Obama, teammates Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson cooked a tasty meal, a la a football play. Michelle plays a sideline reporter interviewing Mr. Sherman:

“Please take us through your final plate.” Ha!

Richard’s response is priceless. We can’t get enough of that post-San Francisco-Carpenter rant. Then the scrumptious meal gets served to Russell and Earl  in a little garden area. (Rose Garden?)

“Pass me a bottle of water!”

Nope! Intercepted by the Shermanator!

-Callahan, Jack Seattle

View photos of Mr. Obama celebrating the Seahawks in the White House.



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