Jerry Casale of Devo (Hardcore Interview)

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Casale of Devo has a lot of explaining to do. First, about those hats. (Listen above for the short answer.)  Then, why the band is exclusively performing songs written between ’74 to ’77  on this tour. (That happens on June 25th at The Neptune in the U District.)

Jerry explains in our interview that the band, celebrating 40 years together, is in the mood for some HARDCORE DEVO LIVE! That is also the name of their double CD with songs like Soo Bawlz and Midget. At the show you will hear Jocko Homo and Mongoloid from the vinyl record that put them on the map, Are We Not Men? Those two gems were created before the album debuted in 1978.

This tour is dedicated to the memory of Jerry’s brother Robert Casale, (A.K.A. Bob 2), who died suddenly earlier this year, and was one of the 5 original Devo band members, who is now “touring the universe.”

Most interestingly, Jerry talks about the infamous event in Ohio in 1970 that changed him from an easy going hippie protester into the devolved hard rockin’ punk that he still is today.

Listen to the full interview here:

Audio: Callahan Interviews Jerry Casale of Devo

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