Pollen Count, Asthma, And Allergies

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Woman sneezing.  (George Marks/ Retrofile /Getty Images)

Woman sneezing. (George Marks/ Retrofile /Getty Images)

A wet winter and a sudden burst of warm weather have combined to create a pollen explosion. When pollen counts go up, so do the number of new asthma cases.

You only have to look around to know that allergy season has arrived. Trees are in bloom and grass will soon be spreading its pollen, followed by ragweed in the late summer and fall.

Some allergy symptoms can look a lot like asthma, but the treatments for asthma and allergies can differ greatly.

Allergies can also act as a trigger for asthma, so it’s not uncommon for a particularly bad allergy season to expose someone’s asthma for the first time.

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