Seahawks Snubbed: Are We Too Good At Home?

The Seattle Seahawks only get one prime-time game this season, which is a surprisingly low number for a popular team and defending Super Bowl champ.

There’s a lot of theories going around (including a few that make complete sense) but one of the most popular theories is that Seattle was snubbed because we’re too good at home.

The NFL doesn’t want boring games, and according to USA Today, the Seattle Seahawks have outscored opponents 105-23 in the last three prime-time home games. Lots of fun if you’re a Hawk fan, but downright dreary if you’re looking for a close competition.

The Seahawks and Seattle fans have already been accused of flooding Century Link with artificial noise to give us an unfair advantage (we call “bull”).

There’s a couple other reasons Seattle is looking at one prime-time game this season. The first is that the games had to be doled out evenly to the different networks, and certain match-ups matter a bit more. The second is that Seattle was granted a Thursday evening Thanksgiving game in San Francisco. According to MMBQ, San Francisco authorities need a year to figure out traffic flow for the new stadium, and that eliminates the possibility of non-holiday weeknight games.

What do you guys think? Was Seattle denied a few extra prime-time home games because we’re so dominant? Or, was this due to unrelated factors?


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