According To Dutch Beer Ad: Kurt Cobain Is Alive And Sitting On A Beach

We’ve been hearing rumors that a commercial starring a plethora of dead movie and rock stars was coming to a TV screen somewhere in The Netherlands, and we found it on Youtube. According to this ad,  John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and our two locals, Kurt Cobain and Bruce Lee, have not died, but have aged and are living on an island drinking, of all things, fruit-flavored Danish beer.

Here’s the description: We kennen allemaal de verhalen en theorieën rondom de dood van bepaalde sterren. Maar hoe zit het nou echt? Deze Bavaria Radler commercial maakt het voor eens en altijd duidelijk.

Here’s the translation: We all know the stories and theories surrounding the death of certain stars. But what’s the real story? This Bavaria Radler commercial makes it clear once and for all.

Here’s our reaction: Blech. Why am I so mortified to see our own Kurt on a beach drinking beer? Isn’t it better than our actual last images of him in his Seattle home? Shouldn’t I be happy with this fantasy? Nope. Whenever anyone capitalizes on our lost rockers, I am insulted by the lack of respect for the dead. Especially in a TV ad for beer. Especially when the old John Lennon says, ‘Hey. Jude.’

The only folks I love to see imitate our dearly departed, and only Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe: Drag Queens. They do it out of love.

Callahan, Jack FM



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