Shaming Drivers Who Text By Taking Their Photos

When you see someone texting while they’re behind the wheel, do you get angry, too? Do you roll down your window and yell at them? Or flip them off? Don’t! (They may have a gun, too.) Get revenge a better way.

San Francisco artist Brian Singer has been snapping photos of folks doing the very dangerous and dirty deed. (80% of vehicle crashes involve some sort of driver inattention. #1 offender: talking on a cell phone or texting.)

At first, Brian posted the guilty parties’ photos on his website ‘Twittspotting’, but has stepped it up a huge notch, and now the photos have been enlarged and posted on billboards around San Francisco. Now that is shameful!

So, my question is, who here in Seattle is going to follow Brian’s lead? Check out Brian’s website here.

-Callahan, Jack FM


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