Tattoos Get Respectable (But Our Photo Gallery Shows The Most Tasteless)

Tattoo? Did someone say tattoo? Do you have one? A lot of you do. A new Fox News poll shows one in five voters has at least one tattoo.  Why they did a study on voters, I don’t know, maybe Fox News thinks voters are the most responsible of us?

And, the number of people with more than one tattoo has nearly doubled in the past 7 years.  Amongst folks under 30 years of age, a full 30% of them are tatted. Huge. 20% of under the under 30 set have at least 3 tattoos.

If you ask my grandmother if she has one, ‘NO! Those are only for sailors and criminals…” Not so much anymore, Grammy.

And finally, it’s not so hard anymore to get a job if your tat is showing. The study says most voters would hire someone with a visible tattoo.

– Callahan, Jack FM

For a larger view of these shots, click here.


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