Each State’s Favorite Band – You Won’t Believe Ours

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Jack's Little Map of The USofA

Jack’s Little Map of The USofA

You may not believe that this band in the video is the favorite band of Washington state. Pretty Emo, but isn’t that perfect for us? The researchers at Echo Nest have gathered a ton of data to determine what states love what bands more, but in comparison to other states.

So here we go: Washingtonians are into The Head And The Heart. We like to listen to this Alt-Rock-Folk group more than other folks in other states do. You think it would be Nirvana, but no, the folks in Rhode Island like Kurt Cobain more than we do.

George Strait, the country artist, is most loved by Texas. Go Figure. To get the lowdown and see the map by Echo Nest, click here. Old school rock n roll lives on the East Coast.

Callahan, Jack FM

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