Couple Breaks Up Using Only Movie Titles [VIDEO]

As most of us know, break-ups are pretty much always awkward. And honestly, don’t you wish you could just read a prepared script?

Check out the genius clip above for some inspiration. This couple breaks up using only movie titles. Think that’s impossible? Think again! They use a total of 154 movie titles and just to prove the titles are legitimate, there’s images of movie posters included. It’s also surprisingly well-acted. How do you say ‘Low Down Dirty Shame’ with a straight face?

Ok, write some of these down and try having a conversation like this in real life. If your significant other picks up on what you’re doing, definitely postpone that breakup.

Jack says, Totally Awesome! (yep, that’s a movie: 2006, starring Dominique Swain and Chris Kattan)


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