Commercial Starring The “Evil” 12th Man [Video]

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We first saw this ad on TV during the rivalry match between QB Colin Kaepernick’s 49’ers and the Seahawks this past Sunday. Kaepernick is advertising some noise cancelling headphones while ignorning a group of fans as he travels by bus to the stadium.  Trouble is, that group of fans are wearing blue and green and look too much like Seahawks fans who’ve gone mad.

Yes, we’re loud, actually the very loudest, but we’re not thugs who hang in the street to pounce on a pitiful looking QB. On the Volume 12 (Hawks fans) Facebook page, the consensus is that this ad does not sit well among the Seahawk faithful. A boycott on Dr. Dre’s headphone company, Beats by Dre, has been proposed, and many fans simply say they don’t act this way toward visiting teams.

Alas, Beats by Dre, mission accomplished. Everyone’s talking about your silly headphones due to your slap across the face of the best fans in the NFL.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

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