Globetrotter Throws Longest Basket Ever [Video]

Confirmed: The Harlem Globetrotters have more mad skills than just throwing a bucket full of confetti.

Just last week, a Harlem Globetrotters player by the name of Thunder Law walked to the seating section of the  U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix with one thing on his mind. To hurk that basketball toward the net at the other end – a grand 109 feet and 9 inches away – and sink it. And his basketball dreams came true!

He did it, and the folks from Guinness World Records were on hand to certify the amazing feat.   

“I didn’t know what to think at first, because I had never tried a shot from that distance before,” Law told the Globetrotters’ official website. “It seemed nearly impossible.”

How many times it took him that day, we may never know. More on the story here.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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