Introducing The ‘Twinsie’ – The Two-Person ‘Onesie’

Have you been staring at your baby and coveting his cute little button-up onesie? That’s what must have happened to the British inventor behind the ‘Twinsie.”

According to London’s “Daily Mail,” the Original Factor Shop’s new two-person garment features three legs, four sleeves, and two hoods. But it really resembles a two-person version of footed pajamas. And, it’s ready to go for a 3 legged sack race. It’s for newlyweds who cannot get enough of each other. I cannot think of any other group who would put up with this. Oh! Conjoined twins, of course! Duh. Photos here.

Marketing director Colin Leggat says the “Twinsie” will make a fantastic Christmas present for the couples or for anyone looking to get closer to someone.  It comes in multiple colors, and costs about 80 dollars. It’s available now. Let us know if it helped or ruined your relationship!

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM Seattle

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