Introducing The ‘Twinsie’ – The Two-Person ‘Onesie’

Have you been staring at your baby and coveting his cute little button-up onesie? That’s what must have happened to the British inventor behind the ‘Twinsie.”

According to London’s “Daily Mail,” the Original Factor Shop’s new two-person garment features three legs, four sleeves, and two hoods. But it really resembles a two-person version of footed pajamas. And, it’s ready to go for a 3 legged sack race. It’s for newlyweds who cannot get enough of each other. I cannot think of any other group who would put up with this. Oh! Conjoined twins, of course! Duh. Photos here.

Marketing director Colin Leggat says the “Twinsie” will make a fantastic Christmas present for the couples or for anyone looking to get closer to someone. ┬áIt comes in multiple colors, and costs about 80 dollars. It’s available now. Let us know if it helped or ruined your relationship!

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM Seattle


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