15 Year Old Does A Mean Morgan Freeman Impersonation [Video]

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15-year-old Jake Foushee has some mad skills.  For you 50 and over folks, think Rich Little. For you younger fans of impersonators, he’s this generation’s Billy Crystal. Wait, that’s still going too far back. Who else is famous for his mimickry? Jake could be THIS generation’s next big impersonator.

In this video,  Jake runs through some celebrity impressions from a host of Family Guy characters to Optimus Prime to an eerie Don LaFontaine, the famous voice of movie trailers. Enjoy.
PS. Now that I’ve had time to think, I must turn you on to another great impersonator. I actually went to college with him and recently watched him perform on America’s Got Talent. He’s one of those very busy actors you’ve never heard of, and should. Jim Meskimen.
-Lee Callahan, Jack FM
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