Study: Men Burn More Calories, Energy During Sex Than Women

Montreal (CBS ATLANTA) – Men expend significantly more energy and burn more calories during sexual intercourse than their female partners.

A study from the University of Quebec in Montreal studied 21 heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 and 35, and hooked the couples up to “SenseWear” armbands to track their caloric expenditure, temperature and skin responses as they engaged in sexual activity.

The recent study published in PLOS ONE found that sexual activity – or “sexercise” — can often be as effective as other forms of exercise such as walking. On average, men burned 101 calories – or 4.2 calories per minute – while women burned an average of 69 calories – or 3.1 calories per minute of sexual activity. However, jogging was found to burn more calories, with men expending 276 calories during a moderate-intensity jog.

The sex sessions in the study lasted an average of 24.7 minutes, with the shortest being 10 minutes and the longest extending for almost one hour.

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