Study: Chicken Nuggets Contain Fat, Cartilage, Pieces Of Bone

JACKSON, Miss. (CBS Houston) – We have all wondered what exactly is in a chicken nugget, now with the help of researchers we may have found out the answer.

Researchers examined chicken nuggets and found that it is made up of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissueicon1 Study: Chicken Nuggets Contain Fat, Cartilage, Pieces Of Bone.

Researchers went to two national fast food chains. They then randomly selected one nugget from the box. The next step was to preserve, dissect, and stain the nugget before looking at them under a microscope.

What they saw may be surprising. The authors wrote in the American Journal of Medicine that the “first nugget they examined was about half muscle, with the rest a mix of fat, blood vessels and nerves.” The second nugget had even less muscle, and the remainder was made up of fat, cartilage, and pieces of bone.

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