Bloody Hell! There Are Deadly Spiders On That Banana!

Brazilian Wandering spiders, my friends.

A colony of the world’s most venomous spiders were found crawling over bananas bought from a supermarket in Britain. When Consi Taylor discovered the critters, she called pest experts who identified the dangerous creepycrawlies and told Taylor, her husband and her two kids to get the HELL out of their London house.

Before she called the pest killers, Taylor actually went back to the grocery store to tell them about the spiders. They offered her a voucher. It wasn’t until after the inspection that Taylor learned the spiders were some of the deadliest on the planet.

Wanna lose sleep?

Wanna never eat a banana again?

Great, click here to see the original report from the Sun and see the picture for yourself!

Brazilian wandering spiders are found in South and Central America and are known to hide in banana plants and a wide range of other places.

-Chris “well, I’m never eating a banana again” Coyle, JACK Seattle


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