A Green Daily Checklist

Just a few things to ask yourself to do, that will help reduce our environmental impact and save us a few bucks.
1. Do I compost my food scraps? (If taken to the dump they cause methane gas – a terrible polluter)
2. Do I unplug my appliances when I am finished using them? (They sap up energy, hence taxing our power plants, which are primarily fueled by pollution-causing coal.)
3. Do I have my reusable shopping bag? (the cost for and the toll on the environment to make either plastic or paper is high)
4. Is the washing machine full before I run it? (see #2)
5. Do I switch the lights off when I leave a room? (see #2)
6. Is the dishwasher full before I run it? (see #2)
7. Do I reuse or re-purpose my stuff? (keep re-usable stuff out of the landfill and donate it!)
8. Do I think twice before throwing any item away? (keep re-usable stuff out of the landfill and donate it!)
9. Do I turn the tap off while brushing my teeth? (see #2)
10. Do I think about the difference I can make to our environment? (just another happy thought for the day)
-Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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