Husband Throws Away $500K In Gold To Spite Wife

Divorce is known to bring out the crazy in people, but the man in this story may belong in the “you need to be committed” category.

Earl Ray Jones really, really hates his wife. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Jones cashed out his life savings of $500,000, converted it to gold, then thew it in a landfill, all so his wife wouldn’t get a cent of it. Sounds like a genius move at first, except that it was half a million dollars that’s now in a landfill somewhere in Colorado. Apparently Jones has bank records proving he withdrew the money and exchanged it for gold. Coincidentally he didn’t document the part where he tossed the gold.

Think he’s just bluffing and just hid the gold somewhere? Who knows… but the court seems to have its doubts. “Based on normal human conduct, one would believe that it’s out there somewhere, and that he knows where it is,” one lawyer told the paper.

Don’t bother trying to dig for it either. The Gazette reports that the landfill where it was likely dumped gets about 30,000 tons of trash every month and each load is compacted and covered with dirt.


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