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Happy Birthday, Bob Ross

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Painter and television host of PBS’s The Joy of Painting Bob Ross would have been 71 today (Tuesday October 29th).

Everyone has a soft spot for Bob Ross. He taught us the wet-on-wet painting technique, he taught us that “We don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents” and he taught us we can be happy just like his “happy little trees.” On The Joy of Painting, he’d paint a whole landscape in 30minutes- with that rate he painted nearly 30,000 paintings in his lifetime.

As Halloween nears on Thursday, all you big curly-haired guys should think about being Bob Ross. All those that grew up with Bob Ross will love you. If you need a good couple ideas, make your significant other into a “happy little tree” painting.

Watch this sped-up video of Bob painting a lovely mountain landscape:

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