Today In Pearl Jam History: Temple Of The Dog Reunion

On October 28, 2003, ten big fat years ago, the band Temple of the Dog held an unplanned reunion in Santa Barbara, California, at a Pearl Jam show.

Was it really a reunion when Chris Cornell got on stage with Pearl Jam? Or is it a PJ guest star? SInce Chris and now PJ band members Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, Matt Cameron and even Eddie Vedder (providing some lead and backing vocals) were Temple of The Dog?

If you were there, a) please verify the above statements as true, and b) let us know if the video is really from that glorious night. Sweet harmonies from Ed and Chris!

-Callahan, Jack FM

Update – The fine folks from the Forum filled me in on some details:

From PJStatTracker:

“I was there, both a) and b) are true.┬áThis is my favorite PJ concert of all time. The set was basically the benaroya hall show + an electric set + jack irons + temple of the dog reunion. The acoustic “I Believe In Miracles” Xmas single is from this show.┬áNobody was expecting Cornell to come on stage…people went ape **t. It doesn’t seem like that big a deal now because they have done it a lot recently. This was a huge moment at the time, though.”

Also from PJStatTracker:
“This was the setlist:

01. I Believe In Miracles (became Xmas single)
02. Nothing As It Seems
03. Immortality
04. Fatal
05. Thumbing My Way
06. Elderly Woman
07. Man of the Hour
08. Nothingman
09. Crazy Mary
10. Last Kiss
11. 25 Minutes to Go

12. Love Boat Captain
13. Black
14. In My Tree (w/ Jack Irons)
15. Hail, Hail (w/ Jack Irons)
16. Save You

17. Soon Forget
18. Better Man (I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend) (w/ Jack Johnson)
***Chris Cornell comes on stage, band leaves***
19. Can’t Change Me (Chris Cornell Solo)
20. Like A Stone (Chris Cornell Solo)
***band rejoins, Temple of the Dog performs***
21. Hunger Strike
22. Reach Down

23. Daytime Dilemma
24. I Believe In Miracles (electric this time)

25. So You Wanna Be A Rock N’ Roll Star

There were other guest stars (Frusciante, etc.) but I forget when they came on.”

Thanks PJStatTracker! Good Stuff. – Callahan


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