Pearl Jam Pay Tribute To Lou Reed [Video]

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Rocker Lou Reed passed away at the young age of 71 over the weekend, and Pearl Jam took the time to honor him at their Baltimore show last night. Eddie talked about one of the perks of being a successful band – getting to meet other famous rockers and having had that privilege with Mr. Reed before he left this mortal coil.

Pearl Jam not only tagged their own “Daughter” with a bit of Lou’s “Walk On The Wild Side,” but during a long encore, also performed “Waiting For My Man,” by Lou’s band, The Velvet Underground.

This footage is really very amazing, and close, and clear. Many folks on social media said that security was cracking down on bootleg videographers, but luckily for us, missed this sneaky devil. Thanks!

More on Lou Reed here.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM


Lou Reed  in 1983 — STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

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