Are You A Smart Phone D****e-Bag?

Either you’ve done it, or even worse, someone has done it to you. They may not think a thing of it, but a lot of us find it rude -even though nearly ALL of us with a smart phone are “guilty” of doing it: Checking our phones while in the presence of friends and family.

Why does it bug me? I was hanging with a friend last night, we’d just finished dinner and were walking to the car – deep in conversation – when she gets a text – and – dammit if she doesn’t interrupt  our chat to look at it. It’s from her texting-addicted spouse, asking her to pick stuff up.  It’s not that my pal got a text, it’s that she stopped everything to answer it. Ugh.

According to a new poll conducted by “Lookout” and Sprint, 97% of respondents admitted to using their phones like the sample above – during  a conversation. Have we lost our minds?  Remember when we waited until we got home to get our messages? What the hell is the urgency?

But even that scenario is doomed: 63%  say they would be upset if they accidentally left their smartphone at home. I love to leave it behind for walks and such. I try to keep it in my bag – and silenced – during any social engagements. Ain’t I a saint?

The report also said that oodles of us check our phones at least once an hour. Thank God only 9% of us check it every five minutes.   Is this an epidemic of distraction? Is there a tipping point? When are we Luddites going to rise up and take back a cell-free conversation?

Hey, where’d you go? Get off that phone!

Love, Lee Callahan, Jack FM

Hugh Jackman hates cell phones, too!


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