Girls Get Motorboated For Charity. Seriously. [Video]

If you’re a woman, at first you may think, ‘You tacky dorks! You sexist frat-boys.” But then, you start to come around, and remember that a lot of guys really like boobs. You can’t deny it. They can’t deny it. So they’re going to put their natural sexual drive to good use. They’re going Motor-boating for Charity.

It’s breast-cancer awareness month, and these fellas are doing their part. For every gal that says, “Yes, I guess so, you moron,” to being nearly accosted by a razzberry-giving knucklehead, these guys give $20 bucks to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Good for them. I guess. But really, good for the women who put up with these guys.

Gals, would you say No? How do you feel about these guys? Exploited or intrigued? Or totally entertained?

We appreciate your comments below.

Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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