Humpback Whale Punches Photographer [Wet Video]

An underwater photographer invaded the personal space of a big old whale in waters off the eastern coast of Africa recently. From this video, it seems the whale is trying to communicate it’s disdain for how close underwater photographer Chris Coates is getting. Does Coates try to talk back? Is Coates smack-talking this big beast? Silly Coates. Doesn’t he know the golden rule of the seas? Give whales a wide berth, man!

According to a blog on GrindTV, Coates, 38, was diving off one of his favorite spearfishing spots and had been seeing whales all day.

“But I must admit,” said Coates, “I got quite a shock when it swam right up at me.”

“At one stage it was only one foot away, and even though I know that they generally don’t hurt people, it’s so big and strong, it is still scary.”

The whale hit Coates on the head and hand.

“I could feel its barnacles scraping over my forehead. The slap with the fin was quite hard, but I don’t think it was trying to hurt me or it would have been way harder. It also must have hit the camera because it hit my hand that was holding the camera.”

Hmmm. If you knew whales were swimming in the vicinity, would you go in? Nope, that’s when you watch from the boat or dock. The big guys have the right-of-way.
Lee Callahan, JACK FM


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