Mamming…Boobs On A Ledge, For A Reason

This is so much better than planking, or vadering, or doing some damn Harlem Shake. This is about boobs!

…and why am I just finding out about this video? It’s been almost 2 damn weeks since this video went up. And to think I’ve been mamming for at least 15 years! I love throwing the breasts up on something and seeing if anyone notices. But not for a reason, just to show off my rack! Now I have a legitimate reason to ‘shelf my shelf!’

I love these gals, raising awareness for breast cancer while unabashedly and humorously showing off their mammary glands. Who is going to make the next mamming video? WHO? Where else can one mamm? Hmmm… thinking, thinking.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

Callahan Mamming photo by Jack FM

Callahan Mamming On Conference Table
photo by Jack FM



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