Callahan At The Auto Show [Video]

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We press/media types hit the lottery sometimes, and get to go to the Seattle Auto Show before anyone else. The place was basically empty when I took my low quality smart phone camera and started rolling. The criteria for a car to make it into my movie – it has to have sex appeal, (like I’d wanna date it) or be totally goofy – like a couple of Toyota Sequoias I stumbled across.

For only $14 bucks for adults, (free for kids under 12) – you can hang out for as long as you want, and sit in just about every car except for the ridiculously priced units like the Rolls and Mazerattis.

Best yet, you can test drive a slew of cars, and, get this – Ford is letting you drive around in their cars INSIDE Safeco Field. Like around the bases… INSIDE Safeco Field. Have a great time.  The Auto Show website is here.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

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