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Shoplifting Mom Steals Candy, Leaves Baby Behind

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(photo credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

(photo credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

For your Dumbass of the Day we present a mom with a wicked sweet tooth.

Michelle Calderon apparently thought she needed almost $300 in gum, mints and cough drops, so she went into a candy store in Manhattan and started cramming her stash into the bottom of her baby stroller, according to the New York Daily News. Of course this was all caught on the store’s surveillance cameras and she and her two cohorts were confronted by a security guard. One of the accomplices hit the security guard in the face while Calderon tried to push him out of the way with the stroller. Even after being knocked to the ground, the security guard grabbed hold of the stroller. Calderon and the man ran away, leaving the loot and Calderon’s one-year-old son behind.

Don’t worry, the dumbass antics continue. Calderon, probably thinking she was very smart, put on a wig and headed down to the police station to ask about her son. It didn’t take police long to see right through this well thought out disguise and slap handcuffs on Calderon. (She’d been arrested 16 other times… think they recognized her?)

All three suspects are now charged and sitting behind bars- with no access to gum, mints or cough drops.

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