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Groom Ditches Bride At Gas Station

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(photo credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

(photo credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Here’s one way not to start a marriage: leave your new bride at a gas station.

A German couple was headed back from their honeymoon in France and stopped at a gas station. According to the New York Daily News, this is when trouble started. The hubby fills up the car and takes off, presumably in a hurry to get home to start his new life with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately his soul mate was still in the bathroom when he left. Apparently she’d been sleeping in the back of the car and he didn’t even notice she was missing… for 125 miles!

“My first reaction was, ‘Is he stupid?’” the woman told a German radio station, according to the Daily News. “I had no money and no phone.” The poor neglected bride was able to call police and the couple was reunited about five hours later. She very kindly decided to forgive her husband, saying, “He didn’t mean it.”

He probably won’t live that one down for a while, so it’d probably be best to start planning really awesome first anniversary present.

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