Rude Woman Gets What She Deserves [VIDEO]

This is one of those cathartic videos you can watch and feel a wave of satisfaction knowing a really rude woman got what she deserved and someone was ballsy enough to make it happen.

The YouTube post sums it up beautifully, quoting a three words from the move 300: “This. Is. Sparta!” (Remember the scene when Gerard Bulter yells as his kick lands directly on the chest of the doomed messenger, sending him into the bottomless pit?)┬áThat scene somewhat played out in real life. The post says the woman was holding up the train for a friend by preventing the doors from closing. Then someone got fed up with the rudeness. The other person walks right up behind the thoughtless woman and gives her a ‘Spartan’ kick. ┬áThe woman is jettisoned off the train with enough force to knock off her hat and allow the train doors to close. Kinda makes you want to stand up and cheer, doesn’t it?



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