How To Properly Massage… A Cat [VIDEO]

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You probably never imagined there was a right or wrong way to pet a cat. Let JACK help educate you.

Thanks to this nice lady on YouTube, we learn that it’s called ‘massage’ and that “petting is passe.”

In case you’re confused about which hand to use, cat massage lady clarifies, “If you’re right-handed, use your right hand. If left-handed, use your left. Or, if you’re right-handed, use your left and vice versa.” Wait, what?

Another great piece of advice, “Use both hands to double the pleasure and double the fun.” We’re still talking about petting a cat, right?

The bizarre cuts between a real cat and a stuffed tiger are great, aren’t they?

Crazy Cat Lady also says, you’ll know you’re doing it right if your cat starts to drool. Maybe the lack of cat scratches on her arms and face is proof enough that she kinda knows what she’s talking about.

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