Wedding Crasher Shows Up Naked, With Lettuce

Possibly one of the worst things that could happen on your wedding day- a naked man shows up uninvited.


A poor bride in Nebraska got this unfortunate surprise over the weekend, according to KLKN TV. Wedding guests, still shielding their eyes, told police a man rolled up outside the church in a pick-up truck (in JAKC’s imagination it’s rusty with peeling paint and at least one crack in the windshield). He hopped out with a head of lettuce in hand and proclaimed he was there to feed the animals. (Unconfirmed whether he was referring to the wedding guests.) Then he apparently got back in the truck, drove a few feet away, got out and undressed.

By the time police got there, he was back inside the truck and was cited for indecent exposure.

JACK’s advice: make sure you have satisfactory vegetarian options at your reception. That way, people may feel less obligated to show up with their own vegetables.


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