Videos: Walter White’s Advice For Actors (and Anna Gunn’s Nasty Audition)

Bryan Cranston is the kind of actor who’s advice means something. He knows what he’s doing. He been a working actor, and a very successful one for many years. As the lovable dad in Malcolm in The Middle, where his penchant for strutting around in his tighty-whities began, to Breaking Bad, for which he won three consecutive  Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor.

This Youtube video, posted on Sept 27, 2013, shows Bryan Cranston, at last year’s Academy new member reception, giving his advice to aspiring actors. Basically, perfect your craft, create a character, kick ass in your audition, and leave the outcome at the door.

So, speaking of auditions, here’s Emmy Award-winning actress Anna Gunn’s audition tape for the show, which demonstrates that you’d better have a pair of stones to be an actor on Breaking Bad.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

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Photo By Mark Davis/Getty Images

Bryan Cranston and Anna Dunn: Photo By Mark Davis/Getty Images



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