Slash Talks About His New Horror Movie, ‘Nothing Left to Fear’

Not only is Slash one of the most iconic and talented musicians to ever walk the earth, he’s now ventured into the world of horror films with his production company, Slasher Films. Just in time for Halloween, Slash announced the release of his new film Nothing Left to Fear. If the trailer  is any indication, horror fans are in for a real treat.

So what drew you to this movie as a project for Slasher Films?

I liked the innocent family naively drawn to what seems like a perfect small town. Only to find its not what it seems. Great theme.

How involved were you in the film’s production?

I was involved in the production every step of the way. I was touring during the filming mostly, but they sent me dailies.

What can you tell us about Nothing Left to Fear without giving too much away?

It is an old school demonic tale. Although the town, Stull, and its dark mythology are very real.

If you had to compare it to any other horror movie, where would you say it fits?

It’s a pretty unique story. But I was reminded of the slow burn of Rosemary’s Baby when I first read Jonathan C. Mills’s script.

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— Rob Fee, Man Dave Daily


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