Paddle Boat = Not A Good Way To Escape From Cops

JACK’s Dumbass of the Day hails from Waterford, Michigan, a small town outside Detroit- a place where there’s a lot of small lakes. (Read on, it’ll make sense in a minute…)

The details from the Detroit Free Press: Police had been on the lookout for Mark Rood for ditching probation and generally trying to evade police. Last Friday, they spotted him and his father. When they tried to arrest him, the father blocked police while Rood made his getaway. Rood must have thought jumping in a paddle boat seemed like a good escape plan at the time because that’s what he did. He stole a neighbor’s paddle boat and started rowing.

Unfortunately, he was too busy being a criminal to learn how to properly operate a boat and it capsized. A very soaked and likely embarrassed Rood was arrested, along with his father.

Now they’re sharing a jail cell, waiting for someone to come and bail their dumb@&$es out.


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