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Dad Wears Really Short Shorts To Teach Daughter A Lesson

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(photo credit: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images)

(photo credit: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images)

Parents embarrassing their kids is nothing new, but typically it’s an accidental thing. Not so for a Utah dad. He wanted to embarrass his teenage daughter to prove a point, and he succeeded.

Apparently Scott Mackintosh’s daughter was very fond of wearing as little clothing as possible, with very short shorts at the top of her list.  The family was about to go on a family outing when he asked his daughter to change into a longer pair of shorts. As expected, she refused, so Mackintosh did what any disrespected parent would: he grabbed the scissors and turned a pair of his own jeans into Daisy Dukes. Oh, and did we mention he was wearing a shirt reading “Best. Dad. Ever.”? In a sort of modern-day wild west standoff, the family ate dinner at a restaurant and went mini-golfing with dad bravely sporting his daughter’s favorite look and daughter trying to pretend she wasn’t embarrassed. She finally folded when they pulled up outside a popular ice cream shop and refused to go in with her father.

Mackintosh blogged about the situation later, saying he’s not sure if the message got through, but he just wants his daughter to know her dad loves her. And that “modest is hottest.”

You’ve gotta see the pictures and video. The Huffington Post has them here.

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