Greentivities: Saving Puget Sound

Join Jack on Alki in West Seattle on September 21st for our yearly “You Dirty Beach” Clean-up Party. The After-Party is happening at Marination Makai – right on the water. Details and free sign-up here.

Why are we heading down to the water to clean up? Hasn’t everyone stopped polluting and littering?Unfortunately no. The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is guiding the way on 9/21 and they sent us these facts.

  • Cigarette butts are the number one item found on beaches world-wide. Did you know there is a plastic filter that will not break down? Cigarette butts may be small, but one of the most important items to keep away from the water.
  • Did you know the dirt on your car can really harm marine life? Take your car to a local car wash or wash it on the grass at your home so that the heavy metals and toxins don’t run in the street—and right out into Puget Sound.
  • Keep storm drains clean and volunteer to stencil messages near drains in your neighborhood to educate your community about the direct link between storm drains and nearby waters. Every house is waterfront property in Western Washington. It all rolls downhill and into the Sound.
  • Don’t drip and drive! Fix that leak in your car. Even small leaks can really impact the water quality in the Sound. Nothing cleans that leak between your car and our beautiful waters.
  • Love to garden? Landscape with native, drought-resistant plants, a practice called xeriscaping. Conserve water and reduce runoff by watering only as needed. Water at night to minimize evaporation and make sure sprinklers aren’t hitting pavement and creating runoff. 
  • Trash in the water equals injures to swimmers and beachgoers; harms wildlife that eats it or get trapped in its mess; drives away tourists—and their wallets; and ensnares boat propellers, a costly navigation hazard. Every piece of trash you remove makes a difference.
  • Thanks for reading and doing your part. And we’ll see you at Jack’s You Dirty Beach Cleanup on Sept 21st. Partay!

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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