New Pearl Jam Video Shows Apocalyptic Beauty [Video]

Is this “Do The Evolution Part 2?” If so, JACK is happy.

Pearl Jam’s furious new track, “Mind Your Manners,” finally has an official music video to go with it.

For those who haven’t really followed Pearl Jam’s videography, the band was essentially anti-video from 1992 to 1998. After a handful of videos to accompany the album Ten (“Jeremy,” Alive,” “Even Flow,” and “Oceans” (I am sure there is a Jammer who will be quick to tell us we omitted one)), Pearl Jam went on music video hiatus — particularly because the band members thought videos were stupid. And, based off music videos during that period, JACK agrees.

Anyway, for the 1998 offering Yield (our resident music snob’s favorite Pearl Jam album), the band released an animated video for the song “Do The Evolution” (also, the resident music snob’s favorite Pearl Jam song).

“Do The Evolution” the song is about the evil side of humans being the dominant species. The video captures the haunting songs perfectly…that masterpiece can be seen here.

Since “Do The Evolution,” the band has picked up the pace a bit, filming a couple of videos per album — almost all in a live setting.

So, when JACK got an advance screening (ha! that didn’t happen) for “Mind Your Manners,” everyone in the room got giddy real quick. The apocalyptic clips in between shots of the band performing inside what looks to be a warehouse. In between pictures of Seattle’s skyline you’ll see destructive acts caused by those silly humans over the years.

Alright, enough of us painting a picture. Here is our favorite music video of 2013:

-Resident Music Snob who used to really like Pearl Jam and then got really bored with the entire catalog — particuarly everything after Binaural — but is now really impressed with the new song, JACK Seattle


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