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SPD Handing Out Doritos At Hempfest – Funniest Tweet Ever

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screen shot 2013-08-15 at 3.33.38 pm

The Seattle Police Department has ingeniously hired someone, maybe a cop, to handle their Twitter account, and it is surprisingly one of the funniest out there. The big Doritos story broke a few days back, with the SPD saying they’d be at Hempfest passing out information about the state’s new pot laws, and that these messages would be slapped onto bags of Doritos chips. Genious again.

However, on Twitter, one paranoid guy accused them of really being at Hempfest to bust folks smoking pot in public -(which is illegal – you’re supposed to do it in your home only). See how SPD handled him:

screen shot 2013-08-15 at 3.33.38 pm

Here’s there handle – @SeattlePD – get on board and watch public relations at it’s finest.

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

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