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Smartphone Game App: Throw It Up As High You Can [Video]

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Getty Images: Photo by AFP/Stringer

Getty Images: Photo by AFP/Stringer

If you’re the type of person who enjoys looking for creative ways of voiding your smartphone warranty, you should try the new app ‘Send Me To Heaven.’

It’s a game encouraging thrill-seeking cell phone to put their phone in mortal danger all for the opportunity to earn a high score. The rules are simple; toss your phone in the air as high as you can. The person whose phone goes farthest wins. Just make sure you catch the phone on its descent, or it could get expensive pretty quickly. (The app is free to download, but phone replacements are sold separately.)

JACK’s recommendation: wait until you’re eligible for a phone upgrade before trying this one. Apple also didn’t think this sounded like a good idea. According to Time, the company wouldn’t allow ‘Send Me To Heaven’ to be sold in the iTunes store because it could result in lots of damage to iPhones.

Here’s an irritating little demonstration (no need for the dumb music)–

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