Chef Ramsay Returns To Grill Everett’s Gastro-Pub [Interview]

Rishi Brown, the owner of  the now famous ”Prohibition GastroPub” in Everett, hopped on the phone to give us the play-by-play of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s return to her made-over restaurant. She’d been a professional belly dancer before deciding to hop into the culinary trade, so maybe owning a restaurant was not her specialty.  And this grim fact was made abundantly clear on an episode of  “Kitchen Nightmares,” that aired back in April. He was there filming all day yesterday in a follow-up episode to see how Rishi had taken to his stern directions on making over her pub.

I prodded and pried to get Rishi to dish on the grumpy chef, but she had nothing but positive stuff to say about the whole encounter, no matter how grueling it was.

Rishi thinks the new episode could air anytime in the next few months. Stay tuned!

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM

  • Evil Chef Ramsay Returns To Torture Everett Restaurant « Jack Seattle FM

    […] Today’s check-in will be featured in an upcoming recap episode recounting Ramsay’s top three worst culinary nightmares of the season.  Wow, what an honor. Good luck! Added on 8-1: Find out what happened here – Callahan talks to the owner of Gastropub. […]

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