Sharon Osbourne Is Making “Ozzie: The Movie”

Why can’t Sharon talk to us directly about Ozzy Osbourne? Son Jack did. Instead, we have to go scary online places like The Daily Beast because she chose them over us for this breaking news.

After doing our daily web search for all things Ozzy, we found that Mrs Osbourne has hired a screen writer to tell the story of Ozzy’s early years of rock stardom – the 70’s and 80’s. Why limit it to that?  Because “you can’t cover a whole life in one movie.”

Plus, we saw all we needed about the 2000’s Ozzy in their fuzzy little family MTV show.

Sharon emphasizes that she’s not creating a documentary but “a movie,” but without an allstar cast.  She  wants unknown actors for the movie, because it’s “really very hard to play people who are still alive.”  What?

She adds that the Ozzy movie will be her “final thing,” and that it’s the last project she’s aspiring to complete. But what about her vast TV empire? What about THE TALK, Sharon? Sharon!!!

-Lee Callahan, Jack FM


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