Sambora-Bon Jovi Feud Getting Nasty

JACK enjoys the music of Bon Jovi, but JACK lovesĀ band drama — and the boys from New Jersey do not disappoint.

According to several reports, guitarist Richie Sambora is ticked off that he missed the band’s show in their home state of New Jersey Thursday night.

We’re embarrassed to be getting some of the crucial details from a digital “rag” of worthless gossip like RadarOnline, but it seems as though the estranged guitarist wanted to make his return at the band’s East Rutherford concert and frontman Jon Bon Jovi wouldn’t let him. Apparently Sambora has tried to bury the hatchet but Jon Boy ain’t havin’ it.

The source who went to the celebrity magazines and sites — who refuses to reveal him or herself — claims Jon is “focused on accumulating as much money as possible” in an effort to purchase an NFL team, and a fight over money led to Sambora’s sudden mid-tour departure back in April.

The singer maintains that there is no bad blood between him and his longtime bandmate.

Here’s a thought, though. Could it be possible the feud is intentional? Manufactured in order to keep the band relevant? What do you think?

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