Ad Attempts To Shame Us Into Drinking Responsibly [VIDEO]

Graphic images of drunk driving car crashes and scary statistics don’t seem to work, so the maker of Smirnoff and Captain Morgan is trying a new approach to get people to drink responsibly: embarrassment.

This new ad campaign is a montage of highly intoxicated people stumbling, falling down, falling asleep and generally struggling to perform typically easy tasks like walking and putting on a shoe. The obvious message is that drinking too much can be dangerous, but the liquor company is hoping the fear of humiliation will end up being a more powerful motivator to keep you from imbibing in that extra cocktail at last call. “Ooooh, she’ll regret seeing that on Facebook tomorrow,” the the voice over quips as a young woman does a face-plant on the sidewalk. Ouch.

You’re probably giggling because you know you’ve looked like this at least once. Admit it.


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