Callahan’s Close Encounter In The Pet Food Store

Last night, the dog and I are milling around the pet store in West Seattle, and she goes straight for some snacks on a bottom shelf.

“Oh, do you like those, Archie?”

Not really, she likes the little PINK TREATS that aren’t in a package on the bottom shelf.

“What are you staring at, Archie?” as I stoop down to look. I crane my head down and stick my hand in.

Yep, little pink candies, just lying there, wait…are those TOES? Is that a pink NOSE?

I got up and scream, “HEY! There’s a F**KING OPOSSUM in your store!”

Poor little guy just stared at me. Archie just stared at him. The store called Animal Control. I didn’t come down for about an hour.

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